Second Chance at Home-ownership

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Most of us have all been there at one time or another. An unexpected event comes along that changes everything. Illness, job loss, or unanticipated expenses can cause the most prepared families to find themselves in unfamiliar and frightening waters.

When this happens the impact can have serious and lasting effects. Most people find their sense of security within the walls of their home and if that is lost it can rock the very foundation that holds a family together.

So many families lost their homes during the housing crisis and many are now ready to rebuild. Rebuilding means finding a lending company that has the resources to service those who are less than perfect candidates on paper. The FHA home mortgage loan offered by the government is available to help this type of borrower, and combined with the guidance of the right lending firm, can provide the very combination necessary to put families back in their homes.

Those who have lost their homes due to pre-foreclosure sales, short sales or deed-in-lieu or foreclosure can apply for the FHA Back to Work Program. Lenders can help borrowers qualify for the program and re-enter the housing market, by identifying those borrowers who have experienced financial hardship due to extenuating circumstances and suggesting ways to take advantage of this opportunity offered by the government. As per the home mortgage loan program, a 3-year foreclosure, waiting period has been waived. Now borrowers need to wait only 12 months after a loss before reapplying for a government loan.

The right lender is key in this process of reentering the housing market and setting you up for success with a sustainable loan that works now and for the long term.

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